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Dalmatian Dog

Home Ear and Wound Testing

Signs and Symptoms

Black Dog
  • Scratching Ear / Head / Neck

  • Head Shaking

  • Rubbing Head / Ears

  • Red / Moist / Swollen Ears

  • Smelly Ears

  • Ear Discharge

  • Scabby Ear Flaps

  • Ear Irritation

  • Hearing Loss

  • Sensitive Ears

What do the Results Mean?

4 Easy Steps to Testing

Collect the Swab


Results are Ready!


Register the Kit


Mail the Sample


How to Collect an Ear Swab Sample

Why You Should Test

  • Early Detection for Faster Pain Relief 

  • Home Urine Collection is Lower Stress for Pets

  • Saves Time at Exam When Urine Test is Done Beforehand

  • Helps Your Vet Make Better Treatment Choices

  • Use After Treatment to Check Success

  • Is Often Used to Monitor Chronic Conditions

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