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Help with Re-Checks, Follow-Ups and Compliance!

When ANY bacterial ear infection is diagnosed at your clinic, you can send the pet owner home with a QSM mail-in test kit to have them perform a re-check themselves at home in a few days. See how their pet is responding to the treatment and/or confirm that the infection is completely cleared without bringing the animal back to the clinic!

QSM will share the test results of our laboratory analysis with you and the pet owner two days after we receive the sample. This allows you to adjust medications or extend treatment without seeing the animal at the clinic.

Happy Border Collie

Re-Checks in Two Easy Steps


The pet owner swabs the dog ear 5-7 days later and mails the sample to QSM Diagnostics for semi-quantitative culture ID analysis.


QSM checks for all bacterial pathogens and shares the results with you and the pet owner.

Benefits Both YOU and the PET OWNER!

  • Get recheck data without the visit!

  • Improve client drug administration compliance.

  • Leads to fewer recurring and chronic infections.

  • Send all your dog ear infection clients home with a kit.

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