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Petri dish being swabbed.

Culture ID & Sensitivity

What is a Culture ID and Sensitivity test?

In order to help your pet recover from their infection faster, it is important to know what is causing the problem. A Culture ID test will let your veterinarian know which bacteria or fungus are present in your pet's infection. Once the specific bacteria or fungus are identified, sensitivity testing is performed to determine which antibiotics or antifungal medications will best treat the infection. Your vet will have the information they need to give your pet targeted treatment and avoid common problems with antimicrobial resistance.   

What do the results mean?

Your results will show which bacteria or fungus are present. If any bacteria or fungus are present, the results will also show the antimicrobial sensitivity results, indicating which antimicrobials should be used to treat the infection.

In some cases, the type of bacteria or fungus present are normal flora and not considered dangerous or infectious. In the non-infectious cases, no antimicrobials are indicated for treatment.

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