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Ear infections are some of the most common reasons dog owners visit the vet. Our tests provide you with the information you need to help your patients get better, faster. 

Infection Detection Redefined

There's nothing worse than seeing a dog suffer without having the tools necessary to provide effective results that lead to relief.


QSM Diagnostics and Whistle have partnered up to improve the standard of care for dog ear health with mail-in diagnostics and wearable smart devices.


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Select the right products!

QSM Diagnostics offers several kits with different test options through its FetchDx brand. Whether you want basic testing done ahead of the initial visit or advanced diagnostics to determine if a follow-up visit is required, we have the product for you! Learn more about our specific kits by selecting below.

Whistle, is a maker of smart health devices for pets has the ability to analyze pet behaviors such as licking, scratching, drinking, and sleeping. Enabling Veterinarians to get a window into pet health like never before. The Whistle technology combined with QSM's FetchDx diagnostic kits allows for the diagnostic process to begin at the first sign of symptoms. 



Why Use FetchDx and Whistle?

Can I Trust the Results? 

Yes! Our team of scientists has rigorously validated every aspect of the testing process used in our kits. There are many misconceptions about diagnostic testing.

Urinalysis results are accurate even after the sample has been sitting at room temperature for 48 hours, including microscopic crystal analysis .

Accurate culture ID and sensitivity results can be obtained from free catch samples. In fact, C&S helps determine if bacteria detected during urinalysis are pathogens or contamination. Commensal bacteria found on the fur and skin of animals is generally different than pathogenic strains that cause infections.

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