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Ear infections are some of the most common reasons dog owners visit the vet. Run our tests to arm your vet with the information they need to help your pet get better, faster. 

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Infection Detection Redefined

There's nothing worse than seeing a dog suffer without having the tools necessary to provide effective results that lead to relief.


QSM Diagnostics and Whistle have partnered up to improve the standard of care for dog ear health with mail-in diagnostics and wearable smart devices.


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We're all ears...

What is Cytology?

Cytology is an examination of a sample using a microscope. The sample is first processed so that certain features are easier to see under the microscope.


In veterinary medicine, it is most frequently used to look at material collected from an animal's ears to try to determine what might be causing symptoms.


Studies show that ear swabs collected by pet owners at home provide the same results as samples collected in the clinic.

FetchDx mail-in test kits from QSM Diagnostics provide you with test results in a few days and much-needed peace of mind. This is the gold standard of care test that should be done to best diagnose and treat a bacterial ear infection (bacterial culture identification).


Signs and Symptoms to Watch for...

  • Scratching Ear / Head / Neck

  • Head Shaking

  • Rubbing Head / Ears

  • Red / Moist / Swollen Ears

  • Smelly Ears

  • Ear Discharge

  • Scabby Ear Flaps

  • Ear Irritation

  • Hearing Loss

  • Sensitive Ears

Why Use FetchDx and Whistle?

For a limited time, Whistle Users can get 15% off with code WHISTLE15OFF.

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